Nearly 80 percent of women believe that playing golf in a business environment is a great networking tool for relationships with peers, clients and potential clients, and suppliers or vendors.

Nicky Lawrenson is a PGA Fellow Golf Professional with over 17 years coaching experience. Having worked within several sectors of the golfing world, both within the UK, Europe and the Middle East, Nicky has gained great experience within various corporate environments. A familiar pattern arose whilst working within this arena in that female participants were and continue to remain very much in the minority.

Golf provides a fantastic opportunity to meet people, network and build long lasting relationships, particularly in business. A great passion grew within Nicky to ensure that businesswomen could fully embrace and capitalise on the benefits these environments bring both professionally and personally, from here ‘Women in Golf & Business’ was born!

One study from research firm Catalyst found that 46 percent of women surveyed noted exclusion from informal networks as the biggest impediment to reaching their career goals. Golf was cited as one of those networks.

Women in Golf & Business aims to support, inspire and empower both newcomers to the game and seasoned golfers, enabling businesswomen to embrace with confidence the opportunities of the game, creating a more inclusive platform both on the golf course and in the boardroom.

Nicky is the best golf teacher I have met, and I have taken lessons from a number of golf professionals.  She has a calm and supportive approach to her teaching.  As a teacher myself, I know a great teacher when I see one – and Nicky is a great teacher.  Each session I have had with her has given me some ‘gold nuggets’ of advice and information that have really improved my game. She focuses on one aspect of your game at a time and never overburdens you with too much information.

- Di Marks-Maran, Professor of Health Care Education

Nicky has a natural talent and flair for teaching. My background is in education and training, on many occasions in my career, I have met a teacher who stands out from the rest – a teacher who has the flair and ability to help others to reach their full potential. In the world of golf, Nicky is one of these exceptionally gifted teachers. She brings out the best in those who have lessons from her, whether they are high or low handicappers. I have already improved my consistency and ball striking with help from Nicky.

- Sylvia Docking, handicap 18

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