The golf course is a fantastic place to meet people, network and build the kind of relationships that could last a lifetime, particularly in business. The mindset principles that breed success on the golf course also provide a fantastic opportunity to enhance our well-being and performance both on and off the golf course.

With this in mind unique events and membership packages have been developed, enabling like minded businesswomen and executives to meet, network and enjoy a supportive environment whilst providing a platform for both newcomers to the game and established golfers to embrace the opportunities of the game.

The mission and passion of ‘Women in Golf & Business’ is to bring the wider benefits of golf to professional women, enabling the opportunity of broadening their network, influence and impact, while also realising the internal benefits of playing golf – increased focus, self-confidence and overall wellbeing. It  aims to develop a more inclusive platform both on the golf course and in business.

Nearly 60 percent of women felt that playing golf has boosted their professional success and made them feel more included – SLRG

Event Calendar

A unique calendar of events offering monthly golfing/business networking sessions, workshops, coaching clinics, combining full day events and retreats for women in golf and business.

Free Access Includes:

  • Regular Newsletter with updates, news & tips
  • Free access to an interactive forum
  • Access to regular competition prize draws

Premium Membership Coming Soon


A unique membership programme and events have been designed to include and provide:

  • Professional coaching & support within all aspects of the game
  • Mindset & Well-being strategies – Linking the parallels of golf, life & business
  • Networking opportunities with like minded businesswomen
  • An opportunity and platform to develop future business relations
  • A professional, relaxed, supportive & enjoyable environment

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