The golf course is a fantastic place to meet people, network and build the kind of relationships that could last a lifetime, particularly in business. The mindset principles that breed success on the golf course also provide a fantastic opportunity to enhance our well-being and performance both on and off the golf course.

The mission and passion of ‘Women in Golf & Business’ is to bring the wider benefits of golf to professional women, enabling the opportunity of broadening their network, influence and impact, while also realising the internal benefits of playing golf – increased focus, self-confidence and overall wellbeing. It  aims to develop a more inclusive platform both on the golf course and in business.

What we offer:

  Golf, Business & Personal Development training days, retreats & programmes for businesswomen, teams, organisations & companies.

  Membership – Offering a supportive network, exclusive preferential rates with WIGB partners, access to a business directory, an annual golf day plus much more

  Team building days, golf, networking & coaching events

Benefits include:

  Networking opportunities: Connect with a diverse community of women in golf and business, fostering valuable relationships, mentorships, and collaborations.

  Skill development: Access resources, workshops, and training programs designed to enhance your golfing skills along with personal & business development, empowering you to excel.

  Support and inspiration: Receive encouragement, support, guidance and inspiration from experienced professionals and like-minded women who understand the unique challenges and opportunities in golf and business.

Membership plans

Unlock a wide array of membership advantages tailored to aid YOU in attaining success.
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  • VIP benefits & additional promotional inclusions
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Corporate training

Corporate training sessions offer a unique platform for skill development, team building, and employee well-being. Participants hone focus, decision-making, and adaptability skills while fostering communication, trust, and networking among colleagues. These sessions promote a healthier work-life balance, reduce stress, and strengthen team bonds for long-term business success.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you need to be a member to attend the events or training days?

No you don’t need to be a member.

Do you have to have played golf before?

We welcome both non-golfers and newcomers to the game as well as established golfers.

What are some of the additional benefits of WIGB membership?

  • An opportunity to connect with like-minded businesswomen through the online portal, social media groups and via the business directory
  • Preferential green fee rates at venue partners plus additional exclusive discounts with WIGB partners & affiliates
  • A one to one complimentary coaching assessment
  • For all other great members benefits, please visit members benefits

How much is Premium membership?

Premium membership is £195 annually.

How much is Corporate membership?

Corporate membership is £2,500 annually.

As an organisation, team or company how can WIGB benefit me?

WIGB offer unique golf, business & personal development training days & programmes that can be tailored and bespoke to specific company values, vision or change agendas. Team building days are also available and again can be designed as bespoke options. Our corporate membership also offers great team benefits. Support the personal and professional development of your team.

As a businesswoman how can WIGB benefit me?

WIGB offers a great community and network of like-minded businesswomen joining together both from a golf and business perspective. It provides support, coaching & guidance along with the opportunity to gain access to venue partners where you can invite up to 3 guests to join you for a round of golf at preferential rates.

What is ‘The Game Changer for you & your business’ training programme?

A unique golf, business & personal development training programme that blends the expertise of experienced golf professionals and business coaches, available for companies and organisations as a bespoke option. On going programmes are also available as well as immersive retreats both in U.K and overseas.

Can the ‘Game Changer for you & your Business’ training programme be delivered Internationally?

Yes, the training programme is available Worldwide.

Where are the venue partners based?

We have fantastic venue partners based across the U.K, we also have an exclusive partnership that provides discounted access to golf courses worldwide.

Our Partners

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