The Power of The Present Moment

The Power of the Present Moment.
Present moment awareness holds great benefits both on and off the golf course. From a golf perspective the mind can be consumed with past experiences, previous shots or thoughts of what is to come. If we respond negatively to a shot that hasn’t gone to plan and continue to carry this forward to the next shot, it will potentially hold negative consequences, it can also be the case where we let our minds race ahead as to how things could be. Very often tension is creeping in during the process. Whatever thought it maybe, it is clouding your ability to give your very best to that particular shot in hand. Creating greater present moment awareness, allows you to focus purely on the shot in hand in a relaxed positive state, taking you away from perceived fearful thoughts and situations.
It allows the opportunity to focus on each shot in the now, creating the space to start afresh every time you set up to the ball. Your last shot or round is simply a reflection of the emotions developed prior to that moment; present moment awareness of the breath and the now, allows you the opportunity to provide a new, more empowering emotional platform and in turn a more relaxed physiology.
Mindfulness is simply the practice of paying attention – paying attention to what is happening in the present moment with acceptance and without judgement. Being mindful is like practicing meditation while at the same time moving around and engaging in your daily activities. You do everything you would normally do, but you experience each activity fully, with all five senses. You tune in to what you’re doing now, rather than focusing on what you did yesterday or what you’ll be doing next. You pay attention to your thoughts and your feelings. Over time, mindfulness will enable you to place your attention where you want it to be and when you want it. Having this awareness pays great dividends both on the golf course and in our everyday lives.

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